British escape to Deans Court

Change of scenery for you and me, my dear readers!

I propose you to leave Finland for a while… Yes, it is sad but who knows if we won’t come back later!

  Therefore dry your tears, here is a wonderful surprise for you…
This year, I am taking you (for my greatest happiness!) to a so much more ancient country, and right in the middle of its society.
Traditions, monarchy, tea time, Jane Austen… You have guessed!

  And (…to be honest I don’t know why), Destiny gave me the opportunity to discover England through the most  incredible place I have never seen...

  It is with the obliging permission of Sir and Lady W. Hanham that now I am pleased to share with you an astonishing stay in the absolutely timeless world of Deans Court.

  Realm history, lifestyle, and organic food… I hope being able to convey  the sense of such a unique and authentic way of life, here, in Deans Court in the very middle British society. It would be hard to describe the latter, that is why I shall just say how astonished I was to find here, in this place, through the people I met, such qualities that I thought lost in the pages of a Jane Austen’s novel or in the Professor Higgins’s library ;) 
Self-restraint (that some people qualify of hypocrisy), quiet, humor, indulgence and the paradoxal alliance between a respectful distance (that some people qualify of coldness), and a cordial considerations (…I call that well-mannered ;)… I have so much to learn here!!!

So you are now in the heart of the Dorset county, rocked with the jolly chime sound of the Minster Church of St Cuthburga, into a charming little historical town called Wimborne :) Welcome!

Besides, I invite you to visit the website of Deans Court, as well as its social medias (FacebooktwitterInstagram ) where you will find all the actualities and events of the House but also those of its lovely Café and Shop !

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